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Features and Benefits of Robotic Surgery

Using the da Vinci Surgical System® Dr. Khoury performs a variety of complex procedures with more control, precision, efficiency, and flexibility than is possible with conventional surgical procedures and techniques. During a surgery, Dr. Khoury controls every movement of the robot as it makes extremely small incisions and performs complex maneuvers in any direction.

Benefits to patients include more precise surgical procedures, shorter hospitalization, and quicker recoveries with less pain.

Flexibility beyond the human hand

The daVinci Surgical System uses EndoWrist® Instrumentation, which provides a range of motion much greater than the human hand. This greatly increases Dr. Khoury’s dexterity during a wide variety of surgical procedures.

Robotically enhanced motion

Using Intuitive® Motion, the da Vinci Surgical System converts the Dr. Khoury’s movements into more precise and scaled motions performed by the robotic arms and instruments.

3D High Def Vision

The da Vinci Surgical System provides up to 10x magnification in a 3-dimensional, enhanced high-definition view. This gives Dr. Khoury and his team an unparalleled visual during your surgery, precisely targeting anatomy in a way that is unavailable with conventional open surgery and laparoscopy.

Unparalleled safety

The da Vinci Surgical System performs over one million safety checks per second, constantly enhancing the safety and reliability of your surgical procedure.

Two doctors working simultaneously

For some procedures, two doctors are better than one, and with the da Vinci Surgical System’s dual console capability, Dr. Khoury is able to work simultaneously with a second surgeon when it’s best for you. In these situations, as a patient you benefit from having two doctors with different specialties collaborate during your surgery.

Meet Dr. Sammy Khoury, MD

Fluent in English and Spanish

Dr. Khoury is a General Surgeon who was born and raised in Henderson, Nevada. He received his Medical Degree abroad at the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara in Guadalajara, Mexico. This experience afforded him not only the common curriculum of medical education, but also the experience of treating another culture, which lead to his proficiency in the Spanish language.

Dr. Khoury was recognized at the University of Nevada Reno and awarded with being on the Dean’s List and received a Dr. Frances Dean Academic Scholarship. He is very motivated and devotes his spare time to ensure his knowledge of all the latest procedures that will benefit his patients.  He is very compassionate, caring, with steadfast professionalism holding true to his oath as a surgeon.

Hear from some of Dr. Khoury’s patients

God Blessed me with such a Brilliant Surgeon to perform my surgery. I am still trying to ingest all that has happened to me this year... it has been such a true Blessing to have Dr. Khoury by my side during and after my surgery.
Hermina Pharr
Houston, TX
I am 25 years old and this was my first surgery so he made me feel very comfortable about it. After surgery he stayed in the room a while to explain to myself and family about recovery, I would definitely recommend Dr. Khoury to anyone I care about.
Paulina cisneros
Richmond, TX
Dr Khoury is excellent. I never feel rushed when I visit him, or when he visited me in the hospital. He answers all my (and my husbands) questions in a way that is understandable to a non-medical person.
Pam Ryan
Katy, TX

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